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First established in 1974 as a single proprietorship, Greenmar Philippines ventured into the furniture business as an importer and distributor in 1986. Despite having an established presence on social media, Greenmar fell short of its desired sales targets.


aiming high for online advertising

Greenmar Philippines’ goal was simple, it was to expand the reach of its existing ads, convert engagement, and increase its sales.

a strategy for success

In response, the Vinta team conducted research about the market and adopted a competitive strategy. Vinta proposed for the company to advertise on Facebook with a new ad campaign to simplify the user shopping experience and ultimately increase sales.

a campaign for capturing sales

Carousel ads have proven to be much more effective when it comes to advertising big products. To maximize the campaign budget and the efficiency of the ads, Vinta strategically created a single campaign featuring three different products in the carousel format designed to target interested buyers.

a sales success story

The advertising efforts of Greenmar with the help of Vinta yielded quick results. The company achieved a five thousand percent increase in total revenue compared to organic selling on Facebook and thousands of conversions with a two million plus estimated return on investment for the brand.