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Metro Pacific Agro Ventures (MPAV) emerged as a fresh subsidiary under Metro Pacific Investment Corporation. MPAV had just acquired Carmen’s Best from Laguna Creamery and needed help in building its brand from the ground up.


farming with a fresh twist

The primary objective of Metro Pacific Agro Ventures was to revitalize interest in farming and promote food security among Filipinos. To convey a sense of innovation, MPAV aimed to present a modern aesthetic that effectively conveys its brand message.

nurturing the nature of the business

Based on the brand brief, Vinta provided MPAV with a comprehensive branding and corporate identity. The team took inspiration from MPAV’s innovative technology to refine the company’s message, key communication points, and branding materials in the form of a key visual.

cultivating success through a bespoke strategy

Vinta worked to curate a tailored PR list and deliver a cohesive message through effective press releases specifically crafted for their farms. The team’s graphic designers created key visual studies and press release statements that resonate with Metro Pacific Agro Ventures’ overarching battle cry: “Fresh is Always Best. Filipinos Deserve Nothing Less than Fresh.”

Fresh Forward Cabbage Lineart Arrow lineart Water lineart Arrow lineart

turning into the cream of the crop

With Vinta’s help, Metro Pacific Agro Ventures’ has successfully established a branding and corporate identity for the brand’s farms. Vinta’s PR and branding efforts have resulted in over nine million in ad value and twenty-nine million in PR value for Metro Pacific Dairy farms, and over five million in ad value and fifteen million in PR value for Metro Pacific Fresh Farms.

mpav photo