Shopify and Eventbrite working together to help you

Event management at its easiest and most convenient

♆ Superior integration with Shopify

Display your events and let your customers book their tickets right on your storefront. Your customers won't need to leave your website to book their tickets which means better conversion rates and a smoother experience. VBrite comes with a proxy page that will work with most themes automatically. If you have any problems with your theme's compatibility please contact us and we can discuss some options.

♆ Timely and personal support

Vinta is a New Zealand based company that endeavour to provide our you with the best support possible. We provide detailed instructions on how to use and setup the app as well as custom support depending on your needs. We encourage feature requests to make our software even better.

♆ Reasonably priced

It's only $20/month for as many events as you want. Pay Eventbrite only when you sell tickets, it's free for free events. Here's their pricing guide.

♆ Use the most feature rich event management SAAS on the internet

Use the power and flexibility of Eventbrite on Shopify! Look here for a full list of features.